When are you opening?!

We're open! Come enjoy some delicious, homemade ice cream at Piedmont Place: 2025 Library Avenue, Crozet, VA 22932

Where is the shop located?

That's an easy one! Our shop is located in the heart of downtown Crozet at Piedmont Place. More specifically: 2025 Library Avenue, Crozet, VA 22932. What's Piedmont Place you ask? It's an awesome new building in Crozet that features full scale restaurants, a local market space, a sky bar, a barre fitness studio, and apartments. To learn more, click here.

Will you have dairy-free options?

For sure! Our menu is taste bud and diet inclusive. We do a lot of experimenting with dairy alternatives that taste just as yummy.  Do you have suggestions or recipes? Let us know! After all, this is a community ice cream shop.

Y'all seem cool! How do I join the team? 

Nothing is more fun than working in an ice cream shop. Okay, maybe eating ice cream is. But we let you do plenty of that!

Step one is getting in touch. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what excites you about joining the Crozet Creamery team. We'll reach out quickly to continue the conversation.


Yes, pints are available!! Glad you asked. All of our pints our hand packed from the same fresh, delicious batches of ice cream in our display cabinet. Need a bulk order or want an event catered? We can do that too. Just let us know.

What is Community Scoop Night?

We're an ice cream shop that loves helping! On Community Scoop Nights, we will donate 25% of our sales and 100% of the tips from an evening at Crozet Creamery to your local organization...all you have to do is scoop the ice cream! Set one up now