Crozet Creamery is a community-focused, homemade ice cream shop with deep roots in the Charlottesville area. And that’s not just something we say. Read our story.

Hi. I’m Michael, a fifth generation Charlottesville native who calls Crozet home.

Opening Crozet Creamery marks my first endeavor as an entrepreneur in the Charlottesville area, and I couldn't be more excited! 

I love the community in which I was born and raised. So, naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to positively contribute to it by offering an authentically local product and experience that brings people and families together.  

By opening Crozet Creamery, I am following in the deep footsteps of family members who came before me in this town. They were, and some still are, local business owners. 

My grandfather, "GrandBear" to me, was the ultimate community man. He played football at UVA and then worked hard to become one of the area's great entrepreneurs. Plus, he had a awesome milkshake recipe—perfect for Crozet Creamery! 

I didn't play football at UVA, but I am now setting out to follow his entrepreneurial ways. Many of the lessons GrandBear taught me as a kid serve as the principles that drive Crozet Creamery today. Here's a few:

Community First

l learned the importance of community early in life. GrandBear's philosophy in all decisions was to "think of Albemarle County first." That’s why he started the Charlottesville Little League Football program, created the Thomas Jefferson (now Central Virginia) Partnership for Economic Development, and founded the Albemarle County Architectural Review Board. He taught me to give back. That’s why community is at the core of Crozet Creamery. How? By building exciting local partnerships and helping community stakeholders to fund raise.

Quality Still Matters

GrandBear also taught me how crucial top-notch quality is to business, no matter what the business. Like me, he got his start in the restaurant industry. His restaurants—The Cavalier, The Virginian, Lupo’s, and others—stood out because they used the best ingredients and had delicious homemade food. He knew authenticity in food and customer service was the key to success. Now I do too. So I’ve made it Crozet Creamery's promise to always keep quality at the forefront—quality in taste AND in ingredients.

Experience Counts

GrandBear trained me to focus on lifestyle. The experiences people had at his businesses mattered most to him. He dreamed big and sought opportunities to create amazing experiences for people in all aspects of their lives. GrandBear taught me how to do the same—make a great product and give people experiences that make them smile. At Crozet Creamery, I will be intentional about making the experiences my neighbors have fantastic. Put simply, coming to Crozet Creamery will make you and your family happy!

These principles, and others, guide me as I set out on a mission to create the best ice cream experience in town. 

Why ice cream you may be wondering? It's simple really: everyone loves ice cream and ice cream brings everyone together! I saw a need in the community for delicious homemade ice cream crafted locally in small batches. Plus, what's more fun than running an ice cream shop?! I've worked everywhere from the home-building business in Charlottesville to majority leadership offices on Capitol Hill and certainly can't think of anything.

Come taste some delicious ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, and more!